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Grow your team relationship for better work

Coming in summer 2022!

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Know/onboard members through an informal chat

Portray helps members build their sense of belongint by sparking a conversation

Informal chat is often missing in remote work despite its importance for team bonds. New members, in particular, rely on such ties built there as a start for a meaningful relationship. Portray becomes a catalyst for team building by asking casual questions and sharing the answers with members.

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Grow your profile, know your colleagues

Your Solution to Making Life Simple

You can enrich your profile page through the conversation with Portray. That means you have more chances to let colleagues know about you as you answer the question from Portray.

Of course, that applies to the other members. You can know about them without asking them directly. You may find someone with common interests or hobbies, or with expertise or experience you want to learn.

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Enjoy coffee chats with buddies

Portray arranges coffee chats with potential buddies. Only what you need to do is to enjoy the chat with them!

Portray finds potential friends among colleagues based on your and their interests, experience or backgrounds from the profiles. Also, it arranges a coffee chat by checking available timeslots. Only what you need to do is pick the time and enjoy the conversation.

Find your friends without hassle!

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